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Sermons on the Web converts sermons to MP3 format and publishes them on a church's own web site. It consists of a web application to host the sermons plus a Windows application to publish them. Listeners can access the sermons via web pages and podcasts, from PCs or mobile devices.

The Sermons on the Web architecture plugs into any web site that supports PHP and MySQL. It is designed to ease sermon publication by combining these steps into a single operation: encoding and tagging the MP3 file, uploading the MP3 file, and updating the online database.

How it works

You: Record sermon, publish with Sermons on the Web, and go fellowship. Sermons on the web: Converts the source audio file to MP3 (if necessary) and adds tags, updates the Sermons section of your web site to include the new sermon, and optionally, creates a separate archival-quality audio file in WMA or MP3 format.


Creates files suitable for the internet and for archiving
Sermons on the Web starts with one or more sermons in WAV or MP3 format. It generates (if necessary) and uploads MP3 files optimized for good quality internet listening and fast downloads. It optionally generates larger archival-quality WMA or MP3 files for offline storage. It tags all files with the speaker, title, date, etc.
Makes sermons available via a podcast
The sermons published to the web site are automatically available via podcast for use with an iPod, iPhone, Android, or similar device.
Organizes web site sermons chronologically and by series
Visitors to your web site can easily find what they're looking for. They can view a short list of recent sermons or sort all sermons by date, speaker, scripture, or title. They can also browse sermons by series. Additionally, you can design pages dedicated to recordings from a single service type, such as a Sunday school.
Stands alone or integrates into an existing web site
Sermons on the Web includes instructions and a template to get a simple, functional web site online quickly. It can also integrate sermon content into an existing web site while conforming to existing styles. Sermons on the Web is designed to integrate into any web site with a PHP script engine and a MySQL database, including sites that use a content management system.
Complies with web standards for broad device support
Web pages use an adaptive subset of valid HTML5, CSS level 2, and ATOM 1.0 to maintain compatibility with modern and legacy browsers, both on PCs and mobile devices.

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Sermons of the Web in free to use, modify, and redistribute per the GNU General Public License version 3.

Live sites

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For If you would like assistance in using Sermons on the Web, you may submit a support request. You can also submit bugs and feature requests.