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System requirements and download

Publisher requirements Web server requirements
  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 requirement is checked during installation.
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 (optional – needed to create archival-quality files in WMA format).
  • PHP 5.3 or later.
  • MySQL 4 or later.
Download Now – General release version 1.6.2 (6 March 2017)


Follow these steps to upgrade from an older version of Sermons on the Web.

  1. Install the new version (uninstalling the old version is not necessary).
  2. Configure the new version of the sermons web site per step 5 of the installation instructions. Copy settings from your old Config.php and any other PHP file customizations.
  3. If your upgrade spans a version where the database has changed (currently only 1.2.1), update the database by importing Sermons\Admin\UpgradeSermonDatabase.sql, similar to how step 6 of the installation instructions calls for importing SermonDatabaseSchema.sql.
  4. Upload the web application, as in step 7 of the installation instructions. Overwrite existing files.

Version history

Version Release Summary Publisher changes Web site changes Database changes
1.6.2 General release Maintenance release
  • Adds compatibilty with certain non-standard web servers.
1.6.1 General release Maintenance release
  • Fixed problem with hand editing service numbers when adding multiple sermons
1.6.0 General release Batch publishing
  • Supports entering information for multiple sermons in a single screen (or copying from a spreadsheet) and publishing all the sermons as a batch
  • Supports independent credentials for web site administration and upload URLs
  • Fixed a compatibility problem when publishing an MP3 from iTunes without re-encoding
  • Added microdata for better search engine optimization
  • Supports highlighting the current page in navigation controls
  • API for getting sermon information uses numerical dates rather than pre-formatted strings
1.5.5 General release Compatibility and diagnostics
  • Avoids encountering an Apache web server authorization bug
  • Better error detection and reporting when updating the sermon database
  • Fixed date validation and error reporting when adding a sermon to the database
  • Verifies minimum PHP version
1.5.4 Release candidate Maintenance release
  • Fixed sermon title in player
1.5.3 Release candidate Maintenance release
  • Fixed link to sermon administration
  • Fixed problems with adding sermons to database and editing series
1.5.2 Release candidate Speaker selection
  • First names displayed when selecting speaker
  • Fixed bugs with editing speakers
1.5.1 Release candidate Database security; easier debugging
  • Improved database access error reporting
  • Database access uses a more secure library
  • Added supported for PHP strict reporting mode to aid web site debugging; added $developmentErrorReporting to Config.php
  • Upgraded audio player and jQuery libraries
1.5.0 General release FTP security
  • Added support for FTP over TLS/SSL
  • Fixed a problem with tagging certain MP3 files
  • Fixed problems with linking and styling scripture text
1.4.1 General release Broader mobile browser support
  • Defaulted MP3 encoding bit rate to 48 kb/s
  • Updated MP3 encoder and optimized for 64-bit Windows, if available
  • Fixed sermon series sorting
  • Updated in-page player for broader browser support
  • HTML5 headers
  • Tuned page cache control
1.4.0 General release Added in-page player
  • For WMA file creation, switched from Expression Encoder 3 (used in versions 1.3.x) to Expression Encoder 4
  • Added page to play sermon and display its description
1.3.6 General release Maintenance release
  • Fixed formatting of series author display
1.3.4 General release Improved service type filtering
  • RSS feeds support service type filtering
  • Sermons web part text is customizable; calls to GetSermonsWebPart that passed arguments need to change
1.3.3 Release candidate Maintenance release
  • Upload progress indicator progresses linearly
1.3.2 Release candidate Improved security and simplified future upgrades
  • Fixed error when using MP3 files without re-encoding
  • Encrypted web site password
  • Options will be preserved during future upgrades (but unfortunately, not when upgrading to this version)
  • Can include or exclude display of sermons of selected service types
1.3.1 Release candidate Improved security; expanded operating system and browser support; added support for pages dedicated to a single service type; added more scripture text display options
  • For WMA file creation, switched from Windows Media Encoder 9 Series to Microsoft Expression Encoder 3
  • Fixed problem with using the Publisher from multiple user accounts
  • Included missing file in installation required to publish MP3 files directly
  • Fixed potential security vulnerabilities
  • Supported pages dedicated to a single service type
  • Scripture text can be displayed using either of two popup providers, a link, or can be disabled
  • Fixed time zone inaccuracies in RSS feeds
  • Supported column formatting for sermon list
  • Valid XHTML (eliminated custom tags)
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 8 standards mode
1.3.0 Release candidate Provided greater flexibility regarding source and output audio files; displayed scripture passages in a popup window
  • Made audio encoding bitrates configurable
  • Added option to use MP3 for high quality archive
  • MP3 source file can be used without re-encoding
  • Added detection and installation link for .NET Framework.
  • Web part displays scripture passages in a popup window
1.2.6 General release Adds compatibility with PHP 6.0.0 and certain configurations of older PHP versions
  • Added compatibility for differing PHP Magic Quotes configurations so that sermon info containing a quotation mark always displays correctly
1.2.5 General release Maintenance release
  • Fixed bug that caused service number of not be included when necessary in MP3 and WMA file names
1.2.4 General release Maintenance release
  • Podcast links appear in browser header
1.2.3 Release candidate Added direct links to podcast clients
  • Added direct links to iTunes and Zune podcast clients
  • Fixed bug in podcast headers so that series info is now displayed in podcast clients
  • Removed iTunes image configuration option, since it did not work
1.2.2 Release candidate Simplified integration into existing sites
  • Refactored the public web site PHP code to simply integration into existing sites
1.2.1 Release candidate Added client-side table sorting and support for MP3 input files
  • The source audio file can be an MP3 file (not just WAV)
  • Creation of sermon archives (WMA files) is optional
  • Sermon tables can be sorted by clicking column headers; the menu of sermon pages is simplified accordingly
  • A single speaker need not be associated with a series; this allows creation of a "guest speaker" series
  • The programmatic interface for getting sermon lists is more flexible
  • Fixed XHTML validation errors
  • Version numbers added to the web site header to aid in troubleshooting
  • Supports null SpeakerId in the Series table
  • Schema version number added to the database to simplify future upgrade scripts
1.2.0 Release candidate Improved series management
  • Confirmation prompt for missing series or scripture is optional
  • List of series generated automatically
  • Improved documentation for integrating into existing web site
  • Podcast feed is fully standards compliant
  • Supports automatically deleting old sermons
1.1.0 General release Simplified deployment
  • Integrated Options setup into the Publisher; however, Publisher settings from previous versions are not carried over
  • Installation is performed using Windows Installer
  • Added podcast support
  • Added online demo
1.0.2 Beta Maintenance release
  • Corrected zip file structure error
  • Corrected mismatch between Config.php and other PHP files
1.0.1 Beta Maintenance release
  • Fixed headers in meta-data XML file
  • Fixed and expanded database connection options
1.0.0 Beta First release candidate designed for broad reusability among churches

Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements are not included in the table.